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Last updated: 8/23/2019 9:47:01 AM
Item Type**Date Found**Location**DescriptionClaim BeforeReport #
Cameras08/19/19UnknownBlack Minolta Camera.11/17/19A40261
Card Misc.08/22/19ARCChabot College student ID card for…S. Saeed11/20/19A40283
Card Misc.08/16/19UnknownUCDavis Aggie card for... TIan Xu11/14/19A40255
Card Misc.08/16/19UnknownCalifornia Driver License11/14/19A40252
Card Misc.08/12/19UnknownUC Davis Aggie card for…D Olea11/10/19A40228
Card Misc.08/07/19UnknownSac County Bar Association card for A. Block11/05/19A40206
Card Misc.08/07/19UnknownAnthem Blue Cross card for T. Vo11/05/19A40208
Card Misc.08/07/19UnknownLos Rios Community College District Student Access Card for D. Alvarez11/05/19A40207
Card Misc.08/01/19UnitransWhite key card.10/30/19A40174
Card Misc.07/26/19UnknownUC Davis ID card for…A.Sharma10/24/19A40134
Card Misc.07/18/19UnknownGolden State Advantage card10/16/19A40075
Card Misc.07/11/19UnknownUC Davis ID card for…P. Swing10/09/19A40032
Card Misc.07/08/19UnknownMedicare Health Card for…S. Drago.10/06/19A40016
Card Misc.06/26/19Memorial UnionKaiser card for…Toonah Ko09/24/19A39960
Card Misc.06/20/19ARCSocial Security Card for D. Brown09/18/19A39938
Card Misc.06/20/19ARCCity of Sacramento ID card for J. Massey09/18/19A39939
Card Misc.06/17/19UnknownAggie card in case on blue lanyard for X. Li09/15/19A39890
Card Misc.06/12/19UnitransGolden State Advantage card for R. Smith09/10/19A39862
Card Misc.06/11/19UnknownWooden hairsticks with pineapple decoration09/09/19A39843
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